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Augusto Ramirez
"Across the world, the Brugal brand is built on its craftsmanship and the unique qualities of the liquid."
Augusto Ramirez
Augusto Ramirez
Managing Director, Brugal

Brugal continued to leverage its portfolio of premium rums to deliver yet another strong performance in its first year as a standalone business unit within the Edrington family of exceptional super-premium spirits. The brand performed exceptionally well in its home market of the Dominican Republic, growing contribution by double digits and attaining an all-time high brand power score, thanks to its ongoing appeal to the values and aspirations of a new generation of consumers.

Across the world, we made good progress on our premiumisation journey, building on our craftsmanship and the unique qualities of our liquid. In Spain, a new campaign and pack redesign saw Extra Viejo surge to become a leading premium rum in that market, placing it in on a strong footing for continued future growth.



Brugal 1888, our premium expression, had another stellar year, with double-digit growth in volume as consumers discovered the authenticity and heritage behind this exceptional spirit. Our investment in a number of key cities, for example, London, Miami and Milan, rewarded our relentless focus as we grew ahead of the category across these locations.

Over the past twelve months, we held our first Founder’s Dinner in Mexico City, celebrating the legacy of Don Andres Brugal, an event which cemented the brand’s premium credentials in this exciting new market. Our obsession with creating memorable, meaningful new experiences that immerse consumers in our brand ethos, stands Brugal in good stead in the year ahead as we grow the brand, sip-by-sip, in key cities around the world.