Graham Hutcheon
"The Global Supply Chain team has made significant progress in our ambition to deliver strategic transformation across our operations."
Graham Hutcheon
Graham Hutcheon
Managing Director, Group Operations

The Global Supply Chain team has made significant progress in our ambition to deliver strategic transformation across our operations. Today, we are well on our way to further optimising our performance and meeting Edrington’s ambition to build a world-leading portfolio of super-premium spirits.

Our Transform programme has upscaled our product and service quality, supporting Edrington’s premiumisation strategy as we strive to meet and exceed consumers’ expectations. As part of this, we enhanced our premium packaging operations, overhauling the packaging environment and introducing an internal excellence function to help meet the wider variety of premium packaging needs.

We have also continued to invest in our systems and developed new ways of working to improve our planning and forecasting capabilities. Processes have been streamlined and systemised. Additional system functionality has been put in place, that provides better and simpler decision-making and visibility. This work, across people, process and systems, has resulted in enhanced collaboration across the business in the areas of demand and supply planning, whisky supply, pack standards and new product delivery. Overall, this work has improved collective operational performance and led to higher employee engagement.

Our procurement teams have delivered security of supply thanks to more focused management of malted barley stock as well as greater value through added scrutiny of casks, glass, travel and logistics costs. We have also enhanced our warehousing development strategies, including stock dispersal and insurance value management systems, to ensure that our business remains resilient and future-ready.

We are particularly pleased that Edrington was again classified as “excellent” by our environmental regulator, reflecting the effort and attention to detail we invest in this area. We also received recognition from our competent authority under COMAH (HSE and SEPA) for our strategy and track record across health and safety management and environmental performance.

The past year also saw Global Supply Chain navigate a number of challenges that placed additional strain on our operations. From the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the introduction of import tariffs on Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the USA to a global pandemic. On each occasion, our teams rose to the challenge and responded to adversity with their customary agility and resilience; redesigning our entire operation to run safely, while continuing to provide vital supplies to customers and consumers across the world.