Veronika Gunn-Boesch
"Great people are at the heart of Edrington. Over the past year our global team has worked with colleagues across the business to continue to cultivate a working environment where people can be themselves and are motivated to give their best."
Veronika Gunn-Boesch
Global HR Director

We live in a fast-paced world where access to information and demographic shifts are driving change more rapidly than ever before.

Edrington has a multigenerational workforce, with millennials for the first time making up the largest generational group in Edrington. Our business model and our brands resonate well with them, and Edrington continues to see low employee turnover and high engagement across the world. Our culture sets us apart and is making Edrington an employer of choice in our industry.

Almost 50% of our people have been with us for more than five years, giving us a good balance between external perspectives and retained expertise. Our rewards and benefits strategy is continuing to evolve to meet the changing needs of our people, providing transparency, consistency and fairness across our global community.

We remain committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment, and in the coming year, we will be focusing on an action plan that accelerates the progress we have been making in gender diversity, as well as developing new programmes on mental health and wellbeing.

While different generations have different motivations, access to continuous learning and development is a consistent factor in attracting and retaining talented people. Skill requirements are changing, so our learning and development strategy is creating a continuous loop where people can learn and refresh their skills regularly.

In the past year, we rolled out and embedded our leadership standards. Employee use of our digital learning environment, the Edrington Academy, has doubled and we have launched a new leadership programme that focuses on the key skills that our future leaders need. These activities are underpinned by a mentoring programme that is building skills and networks in every location and level of the business. Breakfast and town-hall sessions hosted by our senior leadership team have proved a popular way of engaging employees and encouraging two-way dialogue.

Secondments and assignments continue to be a useful tool to increase collaboration. These deliver targeted skills and knowledge to locations where they are needed, and also offer employees learning opportunities and brilliant experiences.

This is the year of learning at Edrington, when we will build our skills and capabilities to successfully deliver our vision and give all our great people the best possible employee experience.