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Paul Ross
"Last year was an exceptional year of accelerated growth for Edrington's malt whiskies, thanks to a step change in brand investment behind Highland Park, The Glenrothes and our contemporary blended malt, Naked Grouse."
Paul Ross
Managing Director, Malt Whiskies

The Edrington portfolio is blessed with some of the world’s finest malt whiskies – Highland Park and The Glenrothes, and Naked Grouse blended malt a strong player in the increasingly important contemporary whisky category. This is a range of our malt whiskies that meets the widely differing demands of discerning consumers around the world. We are increasingly focusing investment in digital channels, allowing us to have a direct conversation with the consumer.

Brand investment in our malts increased by 27% over the past year, which was rewarded with a healthy increase in contribution.

Last year witnessed Highland Park auction prices soar, putting the brand in the top five in the world, and demand for our new 50-year-old considerably outstripped supply.

After last year’s accelerated growth for Highland Park, this year will see a greater focus on our ultra-premium and prestige portfolio.

The year has started on a high with the opening of the first ever Highland Park shop in Orkney’s capital, Kirkwall. With 200,000 cruise line visitors to the island every year, this will bring the Viking Soul and passionate spirit of the brand to new consumers from around the world.

The Glenrothes has now been back in the Edrington portfolio of malts for two years. Its potential to become one of our next premium and prestige brands is being realised with new consumers enjoying the brand from Mexico to China.

We are seeing impressive growth of The Glenrothes with the launch of the new Soleo range, the return of age statements and the stunning ‘Art of The Glenrothes’ campaign. The coming year will see the launch of our first 40-year-old and 50-year-old expressions.

Over the last year Naked Grouse has been internationally recognised by bartenders, whisky lovers and judges alike, accompanied by impressive volume growth of 22 per cent and with sales now in over 60 markets. We will continue to focus on rapid recruitment of consumers to this challenger brand.